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Support a refugee family with Stories and Songs of Welcome

The Home Office has given permission for a trickle of refugees to start entering the U.K. once again. And soon the new United Kingdom Resettlement Scheme should bring more refugee families to the U.K. We hope to have a family to support in North Tyneside by early summer.

However, it seems likely that the Coronavirus pandemic will increase the cost of community sponsorship. Families coming to the U.K. will need more internet devices and may have to use taxis rather than public transport at first. So we are starting fundraising again. We hope our supporters will join in as we offer various Covid-safe activities over the next few months.

Our first event is called Stories and Songs of Welcome.

Held on Sunday, March 28th from 7 to 8.30 p.m., it is an evening of celebration with storytelling and music. Joining the event by Zoom is straightforward: just make a donation through our website and send a message to, putting ‘March 28’ in the header.

The recommended donation is £10 but you are welcome to give more.

To make a donation go through this link to the donate page on our website. There is a yellow donate button on this webpage. When you press it you get two options - the donate button takes you through to PayPal. If you don’t have a Paypal account, press the second button (Donate with card) which allows you to use any debit or credit card. You will receive the Zoom link no later than two days before the event.

If you can’t manage a donation at the moment, we would still like you to join us on March 28th without making a donation.


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