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About Us

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We started as a small group of volunteers living in Benton/Forest Hall and nearby areas with no single political or faith based affiliation. 

Since then we have grown and now also have branches in Gateshead, Gosforth and North Shields. Please click here for more information.

We have already resettled one Syrian refugee family in our neighbourhood, through a Community Sponsorship (CS) scheme, and we are working with a broader network of people across Tyneside to resettle others.


We take practical actions to ensure a positive experience for the families and sensitive integration into the local community: fundraising, finding housing, identifying interpreters, supporting access to English classes and awareness raising with the local community to promote a welcoming reception.

Black Lives Matter

As an organisation, Tyneside Welcomes is committed to working within the framework of the Community Sponsorship model to re-settle a family, displaced by the Syrian conflict, in the north-east. We recognise that we cannot do this without challenging individual and systemic racism within our community and broader society.

We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter’s aspiration to create a society where 'every Black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive’ and recognise that systemic racism can impact on every aspect of life, including the increased vulnerability of black and ethnic minority groups to Covid 19.

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