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Social evening at The Dolphin, North Shields

On June 20th the NorthShields branch of Tyneside Welcomes hosted an evening at the Dolphin where the new owners allowed us to use their back room without charge. We spent a couple of hours listening to Vanessa Clarke from the North Shields branch. Vanessa has a day job but is also a talented jazz/blues singer. She had selected a song list for us including her newest song, The Harper Valley PTA (covering Jeannie Riley's 1968 hit) which uses the Country and Western tradition to mock smug and unthinking prejudice towards a single parent.

Photo: Sally Mitchison

We are pleased we had the opportunity at this event to recognise Vanessa Suddick, the winner of Tyneside Welcomes T-shirt design competition. Here she is, receiving her award and showing her winning design to the camera.

Photo: Melissa Scheuler

Vanessa is a North East-based artist who graduated with First-Class Honours in Fine Art from Northumbria University. She was a primary school teacher for two years but then started her own art business, kindNESS Art and Crafts, in October 2021. One day, she hopes to be able to combine her two passions of design and teaching through a new artistic adventure. The competition runner up was Rosie Mellor, a student at Community High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA with two designs that got second and third place.

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